Every House deserves to be made a Home, personalized with a reflection of you!

Why we are different

At From House To Home Dallas Faux Painting we truly understand the need for your house to be a home, a place to love when you walk in. We believe that every room should be inviting because when you went through the process of choosing your home, you considered every room. Why shouldn’t every room be one where you would want to spend time? We pride ourselves on our creative edge to incorporate your needs and style.

We are 100% committed to your project until it is completed. Unlike other companies, we do not juggle multiple clients.

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Environmentally Conscious

We at FROM HOUSE TO HOME/DALLAS FAUX PAINTING are unwavering on our commitment to use LOW V.O.C. products. V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds) exist at high levels in most paint products particularly those that are oil based.  One of the modern advantages that we have as a faux finish/interior design business, is that wonderful achievements have been made in replacing oil based products with those that are (low V.O.C) latex and enamel. 


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Design and Decor

From House To Home always integrates decorative continuity into our consultations. When choosing your decorative or faux painting needs, we carefully weave the elements to achieve a harmonious blend within your home. We are consummate professionals that have a genuine passion for creating the perfect environment for you.  Your home should be your sanctuary. 



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